So there are times that I find myself just putting my head down pushing through whatever I’m doing in the classroom. During these moments, I find myself frustrated and overwhelmed in my attempt to implement NGSS. Now we all know that this is a marathon in the every sense but I also feel the need for urgency and created that NGSS culture within my classroom and school. My cure for these moments is getting online and interacting with my amazing professional learning community. I look forward to participating in #ngsschat and reading NGSS Blogs. These give me a fresh perspective and additional ideas to think about.


Personally, I love the big picture. I enjoy taking a topic and talking through how we are going to tackle it with a group of middle school students. I love hearing the project ideas or phenomena that people are using in their classrooms. The big picture is often where I live. So the question I have and the conversations I enjoy is how do we go from this big idea and make it happen? My friend Patrick Goff came up with the idea of starting a weekly feed where anyone working with NGSS can share their PROCESS. What is it that you are doing that makes NGSS come alive for your students, teachers, or whoever you work closest with? These conversations are so exciting and it reminds me to slow down and enjoy each step. Each of us has something to share about our experience and I hope that you will follow and engage with @NGSS_tweeps in the coming weeks and months.

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